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Water Treatment and Water Well Maintenance in Elgin, South Carolina

More and more people are turning to fresh well water as their own private drinking supply rather than what the cities have to offer. In most cases the well water is better quality, the wells pay for themselves within five years of installation, and the water pressure is comparable or better than the city supply.

Here at Hansen Pump and Well, LLC we have 20 years of experience in every aspect of well drilling and water pump installation. In and around Elgin, South Carolina, we are the first port of call for customers who want a water supply of their own.

We specialize in air and mud drilling, allowing us to drill through rock or sand. Once that is complete we install a pump designed specifically for your well and any necessary water treatment systems. Within five years you no longer have to pay for city water, only for the electricity that powers the pump. And we guarantee the manmade structure of the well for a lifetime.

The different types of pumps we offer include submersibles and jet pumps. We provide guidance and advice to clients on what type of pump would best suit their needs. The constant pressure water systems we install can give you better water pressure than city systems and are extremely cost efficient.

If anything ever goes wrong with your well, pump or treatment system then we are on hand 24/7 to effect a repair or replacement. If clients notice a strange smell from the water in the system they should call us immediately on (803) 310-5102 and we will attend to the problem.

We will also disinfect or sanitize your well, keeping it free from bacteria and preventing the spread of diseases like E.coli. So for the best well and pump system in South Carolina call Hansen Pump and Well, LLC on (803) 310-5102 today.

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